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Lighting is Everything: How our Illuminated Mirrors Help Your Look

Nov 23, 2015

in the morning, how you get ready to impress everyone during the day, and how you get ready to go to sleep. Most people are unaware of just how much light can affect the way you look. So often we are upset when we don’t look our best in the mirror. It isn’t because of how you actually look, though - it’s about the light that is shining on you! Here is how our lights affect your appearance.

First, how does light affect our look in general?

People judge a lot from our looks, and we aren’t talking just about attractiveness. By the look on someone’s face we try to tell if someone is happy or sad, angry or calm, interested or bored and lot of other things. Most of this is done by our brains judging facial expression that change the contours of our look. You’d be surprised to know just how much light, and the shadows that it casts, can affect that. In fact, an entire video was made of a woman changing her mood and look simply by having different lights shone on her. When shadows create different contours and points of view, it changes how you look.

How do our lights help?

When you wake up in the morning and get out of the shower, you don’t want to look into a mirror that doesn’t bring out your best features. Our mirrors are equipped with cutting-edge LED lights to help shine the best light on you. This will:

  • Help you get ready in the morning - no more looking twice to make sure you cleaned everything, or having to use different angles to check your makeup. No more having to strike different poses hoping that one makes you look better.
  • Show you at your best – when it comes to helping you look your best, the light that is shined on you makes all of the difference. With our lights, you will look your finest, and this will help you choose the best outfit to wear or makeup to put on.
  • Increase your confidence - nothing feels better than looking great. The confidence that it gives is evident as soon as you step out the door.

Don’t let dull lighting make you feel unattractive. In reality, proper lighting brings out your best. With normal mirrors this is hit or miss. With our illuminated bathroom mirrors, you always can see yourself in the best light.

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