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IBMirror, the Leader Of LED Mirrors


IBMirror: A Paris Mirror Group Brand

In 2011, Illuminated Bathroom Mirror embarked on its journey, capturing the hearts of designers and builders alike. Our meticulously designed mirrors stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication. Fuelled by an unrelenting passion for contemporary aesthetics, our venture propels us to engineer top-tier LED mirrors tailored for industry visionaries.

The IBMirror team, a dynamic blend of designers and engineers, functions as a harmonious unit. Innovation propels us to create unique solutions, consistently exceeding the highest quality benchmarks. With a warehouse situated in Los Angeles and offices gracing Miami, our presence is fortified across the United States.

Our Core Mission: Elevating Creativity

Our mission is simple yet profound – to thrive as a North American LED mirror leader, amplifying the visions of designers and builders. Our products boast standout designs, unwavering quality, and exceptional service, all offered at fitting price points.

As a reputable manufacturer, we stand by our products, instilling confidence in industry leaders. Our dynamic ecosystem cultivates inventive solutions through teamwork within a friendly atmosphere.

Collaborating with over 50,000 designers and builders across the USA, we take immense pride in having served over a million satisfied customers. Part of the esteemed Paris Mirror Group, our offerings, now including towel warmers and vanities, reflect our dedication to enhancing the realm of bathroom fixtures.

Guided by excellence, we consistently deliver unparalleled quality, exceeding expectations. Rooted in quality, design, and customer satisfaction, IBMIRROR etches an indelible mark in illuminated bathroom mirrors. We remain steadfast collaborators in prestigious projects worldwide, from 5-star hotels to luxurious homes, mirroring your grandest visions.


Our clients can order online through our secure website and easily track their order. We guarantee a 2-4 business days delivery in North America, and ship globally upon request. We offer a 5-year warranty on all our products. We also offer a 14-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee (return shipping charges apply).