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Futurism: The Next Trend in Bathroom Lighting

Dec 24, 2015

We live in a very modern age, and we are always looking forward.  Our technology is at the peak of human innovation, and many of our technological advancements have been perfected and streamlined into chic, shimmering pieces of technology. 

This smooth, futuristic, bright aesthetic is being embraced more and more by the successful and confident, and it shows in the current trends of interior design.  At IB Mirror, our illuminated bathroom mirrors reflect stylish and modern designs that are looking towards the future. Here are the main reasons why you too should embrace the style of futurism in your next home and bathroom renovation.

Sleek Simplicity

Futurism is different from the term ‘futuristic’ because it implies a more immediate, realistic, and rich look than the connotations that the word ‘futuristic’ brings to mind.  Futurism takes design pieces that are recognizable, like a bathroom mirror, and ads a unique element to its composition that makes it still very much a mirror, but unique in its shining, smooth, and sleek minimalist design.  In our line of illuminated bathroom mirrors, LED lights set in wide, open shapes with smooth lines will follow the shape and size of the mirror in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Cutting Edge

Embracing a futurist style of interior design in your home is like embracing the future and leaving the outdated world behind.  You can start every morning by looking in your illuminated mirror and being reminded that every day you are walking into the future proudly and confidently knowing you are leading everyone who sees your home into a new eye-catching design trend.  You can also hang a futurist style illuminated bathroom mirror knowing that with its understated design, it will be in style for years to come.

Show your style, confidence, and taste by designing your next bathroom renovation in the beautiful style of futurism – with a beautiful illuminated bathroom mirror from IB Mirror as the centrepiece.

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