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Bright Light Elegance: The Latest Trends in Bathroom Lighting

Dec 08, 2015

Gone are the days of poor lighting in your home – illuminated bathroom mirrors are here to light up your life.  These accents to your bathroom will light up the space (and your face) with a bright, cool daylight tone.   Here are some of the most elegant, daring, and gorgeous illuminated mirrors on the market today:

The Aurora Mirror

A mirror worthy of any royalty, this model lights up the room with strong, straight elegant lines contrasted with a subtle circle of magnified glass to really get those details right in the morning.  The inlaid circular mirror magnifies three times the clarity of the rest of the mirror and is placed in such a way that you always have the option for such attention to detail.

The Backlit Oval Mirror

With light that spills over from the mirror’s edges, this piece can light up even more of any bedroom or bathroom it is placed in.  The rounded, open oval shape shimmers in a well-lit clarity, like a portal to another world.  Due to its shape, it is easy to fit and install on any wall available.

The Halo Mirror

This heavenly mirror with a simple, peaceful ‘O’ to frame your divine visage is the perfect addition to any space to bring it from earthly to celestial in no time flat.  Energy saving, this mirror uses LEDs to lighten up your life and your wallet, with one of the most efficient, long lasting, and eco-friendly bulbs available. 

One of the first things you see in the morning is your own person, so why not light yourself up a well as possible to greet the day (or, if you have a social engagement, greet the night). It is certainly a good idea to take cues from these bold and beautiful trends in bathroom mirrors and lighting.

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