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Our Best Large Mirrors

Nov 23, 2015

They say size doesn’t matter, but when you have enough space why not go for the best mirror possible? The advantages of having a large reflecting surface at your disposal are clear: better lighting, a fuller reflection to see, and more flexibility for better angles. Here are our best big mirrors to help you look better.

Dressing Lighted Mirror Harmony

This giant dressing mirror is the perfect tool for anyone who enjoys looking their best. Put it right up on your wall to give yourself the fullest picture of your body. With the 6000k LED lights, and a 70x30x2 space for viewing, this model will let you see in yourself in all of your glory. Get a better view of the front, side, and back of your outfit, and see how you really look to everyone else outside. To top it off it comes with a 5 year warranty and is energy saving!

Backlit Mirror Paris

This giant mirror is perfect for a large and luxurious double bathroom, and the fact that it is 96x28 means that you need to have a lot of space to fit it. Equipped with LED lights and composed of two separate panels, this model is perfect for a space that needs an extra sense of class and style. You can rest assured that nobody else you know will have something so luxurious and awe-inspiring. No more fighting over the mirror for you two anymore.

Illuminated Mirror Verano

This illuminated mirror comes with a sensor switch and demister pad, and is 60x28. Definitely one of our more stylish and sleek models, the Verano is perfect for any modern-looking bathroom. The energy saving lights are 6000k and it comes with 1700 lumens. The three lights across the face only add to the stylish look. It’s great for the person who needs a little extra light and room in a big open space in their home.

We have a wide variety of models to fit any need in your home, but there are some that go better than others in certain situations. If you are looking for a mirror that gives you extra lighting, viewing space, and angles to see yourself, consider our best large mirrors above.

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