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Lighted Bathroom Mirror Gift Guide

May 25, 2016

Finding the right gift for a loved one can be tough. Finding a gift that suits the personality and lifestyle of your loved one can be a huge challenge. Both practical and stylish, a lighted mirror is the perfect present for any holiday, birthday, graduation, or any other occasion. If you’re searching for that perfect gift, follow this lighted bathroom mirror gift guide and get your loved one a present they won’t forget.

Elderly Relative

A lighted mirror is the perfect gift for an older relative. Many older people experience poor eyesight. Your older relative may have to strain their eyes to see themselves in an unlit mirror. Lighted bathroom mirrors provide a clear, well-lit reflection, so your older relative won’t damage their eyes getting ready in the morning. Lighted bathroom mirrors use LED lights, so your elderly loved one won’t need to waste time, energy or money on cheap lightbulbs.

College Kids

A lighted bathroom mirror is perfect gift for your child if they’re going off to college in the fall. For many people, college is the first time they’ll be living on their own. Setting up an apartment for the first time can be difficult, especially if space is limited. A lighted bathroom mirror makes a great addition to any first apartment. Mirrors are a great way to make small space appear larger, so a lighted mirror will add a unique touch to any dorm room or on-campus apartment.


After years of using the same bathroom mirror, your spouse might be looking for a change. Surprise your significant other by improving your home décor with a lighted bathroom mirror. Our lighted cabinets and backlit mirrors are a necessary addition of any His-and-Hers bathroom set.

If you’re looking for a special present for that special someone in your life, check out IB Mirror for more amazing gift ideas.

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