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Lighted Mirrors for Your Small Business

May 25, 2016

Finding the right décor for your small business can be difficult. You need an interior design scheme that will attract customers without breaking your back account. A lighted mirror is the perfect decorative and affordable accent for your small business. Lighted mirrors use LED lights, which are environmentally friendly and last longer than regular lightbulbs, so you won’t have to spend lots of money replacing them. Here are a few ways that lighted mirrors can be beneficial to your small business.

Improve the Lighting of Your Bar or Restaurant

A lighted bathroom mirror can add a stylish touch to any bar, restaurant, or nightclub. Finding the right lighting scheme for a bar or restaurant is difficult; you want something that creates a nice ambience that’s not too dark that customers can’t see themselves. Especially in the bathroom, it’s important to have lighting that doesn’t disrupt the atmosphere of the space and mirrors that are flattering to your patrons. A lighted mirror is perfect for any bar or restaurant. It will please your customers and add a classy element to the lighting design of your bathroom.

Make Smaller Spaces Appear Larger

If your business has a small bathroom, a backlit mirror can help open up the space to make it look larger. With a backlit mirror, you can create more room in a small space by eliminating any bulky light sources like overhead or standing lamps. No one wants to use a bathroom that feels clutter and cramped. Having an undesirable bathroom could potentially lead customers away from your business. Keep your customers happy with a flattering and space-conscious backlit bathroom mirror. 

These are just some of the ways that a lighted bathroom mirror can help improve your small business. If you’re thinking about getting a lighted bathroom mirror for your bar, restaurant, café, or boutique, contact us at IB Mirror to find the one that’s right for you.

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