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Back-lit Mirrors and Small Bathrooms

Apr 08, 2016

Having a lighted or back-lit mirror can provide a solution for the small-space bathrooms or powder rooms in your household. They can open up the room and create an illusion that it is larger and brighter than it actually is.

For example, if you have a powder room that has around an 8-foot ceiling and two walls that make it look very long and narrow, a large back-lit mirror would be a great addition that could open up your ceiling. Claiming any wall-space with built-in shelving, a solid paint job, and the use of lighted bathroom mirrors can turn any small-space bathroom or powder room into a pleasant space to be in. 

Style #1: Modern Romance

Do you want to make a statement? There are many incredible style routes you can go down when revamping a small-space bathroom. You could for example, give your bathroom a sense of modern romance, with warm pink hues to create a soft atmosphere. Everything in the room could be a gradient of shades in a desired colour such as red, pink or white. You could even put a beautiful blooming plant for added finesse. And nothing speaks modernity more than our gorgeous oval mirror.

Style #2: The Showroom

If you have the wall space, you could create in-built rectangular or square ledges to show off some gorgeous figurines you’ve collected or trinkets you’ve picked up throughout your days of traveling.

Choosing a bold colour that contrasts with a different textured wall such as brick or stone could create an ornate effect that pairs well with your museum-like theme. If you’re the type that likes to switch it up, this will always give you options to move things around and create a new look whenever you get tired of it! For this theme, we would recommend one of our lighted cabinets to give you that extra bit of light to add to your beautiful rectangular silhouettes. 

Style #3: Simplicity

Want to just have a really bright and clean looking bathroom? A simple one-colour paint job such as a pastel teal or a warmer beige with bright white accents could be the way to go for you. One framed painting or poster could be a nice added touch to still give your bathroom a sense of décor as well. This gives you lots of options for mirrors –we would recommend one of our lighted bathroom mirrors. It could really pull the light in and tie the room together no matter the shape or size chosen.

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