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Lighted Bathroom Mirrors: The Eco-Friendly Solution

Mar 29, 2016

Our Lighted bathroom mirrors aren’t just gorgeous; they are also great for the environment. What you might have noticed is that our mirrors use a specific, environmentally friendly type of lighting: LED.

LED, which is short for light-emitting diode, is a type of lighting that has become popular in recent years. The rise in use of LED lighting is due to both its amazing energy efficiency and its ability to light a far bigger space than traditional lights (commonly called incandescent lighting). LED has become a contemporary favorite for lighting solutions that include: lighting fixtures, fridge lights, outdoor lighting, and even Christmas tree lights!

At Lighted Bathroom Mirrors, we know that you don’t want your mirror to become an energy drain. Our LED lights are an energy efficient replacement for many lighting fixtures. With an Lighted bathroom mirror, you can get energy effective and bright lighting for where you need it (your reflection) and turn off other lights for the majority of your bathroom use.   

LED by the Numbers

  • LED lights use 80% less power than incandescent fixtures.
  • LED lights typically last 25,000 hours (significantly longer than incandescent).
  • LED lighting provides more even and effective light distribution than incandescent fixtures, which allows you to turn on fewer lights but have a brighter room.

With our Lighted bathroom mirrors, you can have the best of both worlds. You can get the light that you need to look your best and you can have the electricity bill you need to make your bank account happy. You’ll love that you don’t have to stint on lighting or comfort to save on electricity.

If you are ready to experience the energy efficient alternative in your bathroom, take a look at our amazing product options. From illuminated cabinets to backlit mirrors, we have the Lighted bathroom mirror you need.    

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