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Lighted Bathroom Mirrors for Professionals

Feb 08, 2016

As professionals, we want our clients to leave happy and satisfied that we have provided the service they wanted. We spend endless hours communicating with our client-base to understand their wants and needs.

What about your client base? Many of our customers have found that our  Lighted bathroom mirrors can actually help them discover what their clients want and provide a better service.

Who We Help:


Nobody wants to have the Yelp review that says: “The hairdresser didn’t listen to anything I had to say and completely misled me!” Most of the time, what was wrong was that the client was unable to communicate effectively with you. Our Lighted bathroom mirrors can assist you by providing increased visibility for the client, allowing you to communicate better by showing in detail what you are about to do for him or her. 

Make-Up Artists

It goes without saying that perfect lighting is essential for putting on make-up. For the professional, it is equally important that the client understands and can communicate what they want. The Lighted bathroom mirror can assist you by allowing your client to get a detailed and accurate image of what they look like. This way, the next time they look in a mirror they won’t be surprised by what they see.  


Nobody likes returns, especially when you’ve spent hours helping a client pick out the perfect pair of heels for her or the blazer of his dreams. While so-called “skinny mirrors” and dim lighting might help you make an initial sale, you’re going to have that piece back on its store hanger the following week if the image your customer sees in their home mirror is different from in store. Help your client see what really works for them with the help of an Lighted bathroom mirror.

As dedicated professionals who are devoted to our client-base, we understand how good it feels to have a satisfied customer. Let us help you achieve that feeling every day! Contact us now to find out more about how we can help.

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