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Where to Install Your Lighted Mirror

Jan 26, 2016

Lighted mirrors are a visually stunning and impressive trend in lighting and mirrors that is perforating many facets of daily life.  From businesses to bathrooms and closets, illuminated bathroom mirrors give a unique look and feel to a space that give of the impression of style and professionalism, in both home and business contexts.  There are many great places to hang or install an Lighted mirror; here are some of our best suggestions.

The Bathroom

Obviously, one of the standard places to hang a mirror is the bathroom, but if you are going to have a bathroom mirror, it may as well be one of the best.  And Lighted  bathroom mirror can give your bathroom an air of stylish and futuristic cleanliness and simplicity, as well as a slight flare for dramatic lighting.  Having a striking and great-looking bathroom mirror can make a strong impression on any guest or visitors who use the space.

Your Business

Whether you need mirrors for a beauty salon or you just want to open up the space without tearing down a wall, having an illuminated mirror in your business is a great decision.  Mirrors can do wonders for making a space seem larger and more open than it actually is, which is very inviting and impressive to potential clients and customers. 

Your Dressing Area

If your wardrobe is in your bedroom or a walk-in closet, an illuminated mirror is an excellent choice.  No matter where you hang your mirror, even if it is in the windowless space of a walk-in closet, your outfit for the day will be perfectly lit so you can make sure you are looking right for the day ahead.  While you should hang your mirror where there is some lighting already, you can make sure all your colours, details, and textures of your outfit can be seen in bright white LED lighting before you head out of your home for the day.

No matter what, an illuminated bathroom mirror is the right choice for you – where you choose to install your mirror can make it that much more stunning and impressive.

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