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The Unique Qualities of an IB Mirror

Jan 26, 2016

If you want a mirror that is unlike any other in most bathrooms or any other place, an illuminated bathroom mirror from IB Mirror is undoubtedly your best bet.  With our sleek and impressive appearance, it stands to reason our designs would be unlike anyone else’s.  Here are some of the singular, useful, and exemplary qualities of our illuminated bathroom mirrors.

Anti-Fog (Demister Pad)

The Anti Fog (Demister Pad) system is a method of keeping your illuminated bathroom mirror free from fog after a steamy bath or shower.  With other mirrors, if you wanted to see yourself after a hot bath or shower, you would have to wipe the mirror clean with your hand or a towel, which would ultimately leave the glass of your mirror a streaky, stripy mess. 

Many of our illuminated bathroom mirrors come with the Anti-Fog (Demister Pad) installed in them, which works automatically when the LED lights inlaid in the mirror are turned on.  The front of the mirror heats up a safe amount so the temperature of the glass is the same temperature as the air in the steamy bathroom.  This means water and steam can’t condense on the glass of the mirror and the mirror stays clean and clear.

On/Off IR Sensor

Keeping with the minimalist, simple and sleek style of our mirrors, the LED lighting in the mirror can be turned on or off simple by lightly touching the IR sensor usually located on the rightmost edge of the mirror.  However, if you have installed your mirror on a rotated angle, the switch will be moved accordingly.  Keeping the switch separate from the light switch of your bathroom can help save you energy and money that you spend on electricity.

Invest in something singular and unique by outfitting your bathroom or closet with an illuminated bathroom mirror from our collection.  You will have something that will set you apart from others, and your home will be as stylish and exceptional as you are.

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