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Bathtub Berne in White

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A very high quality bathtub

with beautiful design


Item#: SW-169
Product Size (inches): 73-5/8 L x 30-11/16 W x 36-5/8 H Inches
Material: Solid Surface/Stone Resin
Color / Finish: Matte White (Glossy Optional)
Product Weight: 368.3 lbs
Water Capacity: 103 Gallons
Drain to Overflow: 15-3/4 Inches

Bathtub Berne in White

"BATHTUB BERNE IN WHITE" is inevitably luxurious.

White colour represents purity, freshness, simplicity, a fresh start. A refined bathtub like this can make you feel fresher by just staring at it. Its elegant and cozy shape creates a super comfortable bathing experience. Tilted edges give this bathtub a playful character while providing extra support for the back, which is perfect for those who typically lean back while bathing. This freestanding bathtub is big enough to accommodate two individuals to enjoy a relaxing bath.

They trust us

with beautiful design